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Why List With Us?

Your Farm Property is a premium grade investment. It has never been worth more than it is today. So you understand the need to access highly qualified buyers. Having been in the Agricultural business for over 45 years, our professional team has met many qualified buyers. We maintain a list of qualified buyers in the farming community and investment community. In addition, we cooperate with many other farmland Brokers in Illinois to help bring the right buyer for your property.

Our team has been successful in procuring and selling farmland throughout Illinois. Since our inception in 2005, we have worked through many 1031 exchanges and been involved in the sale of thousands of acres. While not the largest, we are the best in helping our clients through the process of buying and selling farmland.

When you list with us, we provide you with a free market analysis, showing comparable sales and current trends within the farmland market. We will give you the tools and information needed to properly set the value of your farm.

We are proud of our land marketing successes. Our marketing process involves several phases. We prepare an extensive informational packet that provides the buyer with all of the information needed to make their decision. This packet is used on our website as well as other website services. Advertisements may be placed in regional newspapers as well as the Illinois Agri News and Farm Week. We will utilize our prospective buyers list, client investment groups, and surrounding landowners to make contacts through direct mailings and personal contacts.

Our goal is to make selling and buying farmland an enjoyable process for everyone.

For more information, contact:

Steve Keelen, Managing Broker 815-262-6794
Dan Oliver, Managing Broker 815-218-6833
David J. O’Brien, Broker 815-943-7161