Farm Management Services

For over 45 years, we have been ensuring the satisfaction and peace of mind for our clients.

Each member of our farm management team has been involved in farmland management through financial analysis, taxes and farm records as well as farm management for over 45 years. Since joining forces in 2005, we have been doing it all together as one team. During this time, we have seen the farm industry value farmland for the ability to produce ag commodities only. Today non-traditional components can add significant value to the revenue stream of your farm property.

As farmland owner’s goals have changed over time, Illinois Agland Services Management team has become a vital partner to farmland owners in Illinois. Since we established our company in 2005, our management approach has changed to consider new revenue enhancements such as Organic Farming, Carbon Sequestration and Wind and Solar farming. We strive to increase the profitability of farming for both the landowner and the tenant farmer, on an equitable basis. No one has more money invested than the farm owner.

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  • Carbon Sequestration (More Info Tab)
  • Wind Energy Farming (Tab for more info)
  • Solar Energy Farming (Tab for more info)

While many landowners may not be interested in some or all of these potential enhancements, it is important for all of us to have knowledge of and about the various options that are present to us today. Knowledge help us make informed decisions

We are here to help. Whether you are an experienced farmer or want someone to look after your property, we are here to help. We are here to help manage your farm’s day to day operations, tenant recruitment, budgeting and accounting, property maintenance and more. We have many years of experience in managing client’s rural properties. We can provide a professional experience that promotes the joy of farmland ownership, through maximization of farm profits and land values.

We base all management decisions on the basis of our client’s personal interests and priorities. We deliver on our client’s enjoyment of ownership and the health of their investment.